Skiing in single digit weather

January 6, 2018

The boys and adult leaders met Friday February 2 at North Chapel Hill Baptist Church for their yearly quest to Winterplace West Virginia for a great weekend of skiing and fellowship. The weather report for Friday for Winterplace would be a high of around 14 degrees and a low Friday night would be in the 6 to
9 degrees. Now for Saturday the high temp would be around 34 degrees but starting out Saturday morning would be around 10 degrees. Saturday morning the boys woke up to a great breakfast, dressed, and headed for the slops. The adult leaders made very sure that the scouts had on appropriate clothing for the low temps before hitting the slops.

The morning started off cold but it wasn’t long once they starting skiing to forget about the cold and heated up with the passion to master the slops. All scouts are required to take the beginning ski lessons offered free by the staff of Winterplace to be sure that all knew the fundamentals of safe skiing. After the lesson the boys with their buddy (remember the buddy system) took the sloops for a full day of fun. After the lesson one of the boys was very proud that he had skied all the way down the mountain on a blue slope.  Another boy passed the "on the slopes" portion of the Snow Sports merit badge.

Skiing conditions were perfect and the boys were allowed to ski as long as they liked but by 5:30pm they had had enough of fun and wanted to return to our host church for a shower, dinner, and rest.

Following dinner, which included fresh baked cookies, the boys and adults headed to bed and the adults were very grateful for they were tired as well.

Sunday morning was a rainy day but that was ok for they were heading home.

This is an annual event for the boys of Troop 59, so if this sounds fun to your son, join troop 59 and enjoy all that the troop has to offer.