Camping at Merchants Millpond

Early in the morning on Friday, March 30, 2017 Troop 59 was
off for another camping adventure to Merchants Millpond, a beautiful North
Carolina State Park in eastern North Carolina. 
The trip had a questionable start due to heavy rain throughout the
journey to the park entire but the troop pushed forward. Once at the state park
the rain ceased and blue sky once again showed its face. The game warden
informed the scout leaders that there was a 2 hour window to get to the
campsite before the next wave of rain was to reach the area.

After a quick picnic lunch, the scouts loaded the canoes and
paddled to their primitive campsite. Just as the boys finished setting up camp,
heavy rain and hail came down for a short time then tapered off to a gentle
rain which made for great sleeping.  The
next day the group canoed around the area to explore the wildlife on the pond.  The scouts saw turtles, big and small, a
variety of plants and trees indigenous to the swampy environment, and one big
alligator sunning on the river bank.  The
troop kept their distance from this amazing creature but enjoyed taking
pictures and just watching it.

All the scouts and leaders enjoyed canoeing and
exploring.  The scouts also appreciated
the opportunity to work on rank advancement and badge requirements. Despite a
wet start, the Merchants Millpond trip was quite memorable and one that
everyone agrees is now a favorite and a great possibility for future scouting