Camping in the Briar Patch

The Briar Patch is the nickname Troop 59 calls the
wilderness area at BSA Camp Cherokee. In 2016 the scouts camped out in the same
area and the opening of the path to the campsite had become overgrown with
briars. After carrying equipment and gear back and forth a path had been worn.
This year a member of the Cherokee staff used a tractor to bush hog the area
but the nick-name “Briar Patch” remained. Temperatures ranged dipped into the
mid-20’s at night which made for good sleep and huddling around a campfire for
warmth.  The scouts were busy throughout
the weekend working on requirements for rank advancement,
which included building a useful camp gadget, navigation by use of stars and
the sun, cooking and camp fire building, to name a few. It was a busy weekend
for the scouts, as well as the leaders, but everyone had a great time.