Open House at Hogans Farm

Troop 59 held its annual Cub Scout Open House at Hogan’s Farm in Carrboro, NC December 2-4. Weather was perfect for camping with temperatures on the chilly side. Troop 59’s enthusiasm was evident as they welcomed visitors and demonstrated many of the skills that being a boy scout has taught them. Skill stations were set up around the camp site to show the cubs, with supervision, how to cook ribs over an open fire and to prepare Dutch oven pizza. Scouts in Troop 59 also demonstrated the safe handling of an axe, hatchet and bow saw when chopping wood. The scouts emphasized the importance of the Buddy System and offered a short nature hike around the campsite.

The parents of the visiting Cub Scouts were hosted by the adult leaders of Troop 59 and were treated to a hot lunch and conversation, answering questions and providing information about the troop and its member scouts.

The open house is a Troop 59 tradition and is held on the first weekend in the month of December. If your child missed this wonderful event, do not worry. It is an annual event that will be offered again in December of 2017. Mark it on your calendar and make plans to attend! You and your son will have a wonderful time.