Wood Badge Adventure News

Troop 59 Assistant Scout Masters William Workman and Terry Fields attended the 2016 Wood Badge Leadership Training Program at Camp Cherokee in Yanceyville, NC during September and October, 2016. The two leaders endured hours of training and heavy rain, neither of which dampened their spirits, to be better leaders for Troop 59. Also present at the training was Troop 59 Scout Master and Wood Badge Trainer, Jimmy Workman. “Jimmy kept us motivated and encouraged us to keep going.”

The little storm (Matthew) that blew through North Carolina dropped big heavy acorns onto the tin roofs above the heads of the trainees, making a loud sound like a gunshot …a little scary during the middle of the night! But they survived that as well. On the last day of training the sun came out and all was well. It was a great course and William and Terry look forward to putting what they learned into action to strengthen Troop 59 and to help the scouts meet their scouting potential!